Why are Cars Bad for the Environment?

Today everyone is talking about going green, saving the planet, and doing everything that they can do to help reduce the pollution in the air, and the waste that is going into our landfills and in our waters. One thing that is contributing to our air pollution is the mass number of vehicles that are on the roads today. This includes all vehicles that are used for pleasure and for business. It has been stated that every year cars alone emit more than three hundred trillion tons of carbon into our atmosphere and that is not counting the big rigs that also travel our highways. This figure is just in the United States so when you add in the cars world wide you can only imagine what the number would be. It would be astronomical.

The pollution that is caused by the car's emissions is also believed to increase Global Warming and cause damage to our ecosystem and smog plus it is depleting our ozone layer. Our groundwater is also being polluted by gasoline leaks from the underground storage containers and auto fueling stations.

Hybrid Car

The chemicals that are released in from the emissions that come out of the car's exhaust pipes can cause problems not only for people who breathe in these chemicals, but also the plants and animals. Everything that needs air to live is affected by these chemicals. As more and more gas powered cars hit the road since they were first built people are breathing in these chemicals and is the cause of so many people now having asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, and many other lung conditions.

In addition to the emissions that they are putting into the air people also need to take in consideration the other things that are part of a car such as the disposal of the worn out tires which when burned emit chemicals in the air and the plants that burn or destroy these worn out tires, if they catch on fire or have an explosion the chemicals released from these accidents can be deadly.

You also have to figure in the disposal of other items such as the batteries, oil, and the actual car itself when it has been totaled in a wreck, or is no longer useable. There are many auto grave yards, or junk yards that have acres and acres of car bodies just sitting there with all the useable parts taken off.

The emissions from the cars are what cause smog alerts in many of our major cities today and why ride-share is encouraged. With so many stoplights people are sitting there idling their cars and the people who are around them waiting to cross the street are breathing in all that carbon monoxide coming from the tail pipes, which is not good for anyone to breathe in.

Yes, cars are bad for the environment and it is only going to get worse in regard to the global warming, the amounts of carbon monoxide being emitted into the air, the gas leakages into our ground water, and the health of humans, plants, and animals if we do not do something now about the pollution that car's emissions are causing.